Capture The Flag

Crossroads Area of Narcotics Anonymous Capture the Flag

Groups Playing

  • Clean And Serene
  • Crossroads To Recovery
  • One Day At a Time
  • Surrender
  • Another Chance
  • Our Gratitude Speaks
  • New Beginnings
  • Promise Of Freedom
  • Steps Into Recovery

Crossroads Area Capture the Flag is rooted in the traditional game described above but, appropriately, it has been adapted to benefit recovering drug addicts by both providing a fun activity and increasing attendance at NA meetings throughout the Crossroads Area. This being the case, Crossroads Area Capture the Flag has its own rules and guidelines, as defined herein. Please, read this thoroughly before participating in actual play.

Basic Tenets of the Game

The six basic tenets outlined on the following page serve to organize actual game play and orient individual groups or meetings whose members choose to participate in the Crossroads Area Capture the Flag game are discussed later in the rules

  • Participation is not mandatory. Whether or not any given group or meeting chooses to participate is entirely up to the discretion of the members who compose said group or meeting, per Tradition Four. That said, all area groups and meetings are, of course, encouraged to participate.

  • The goal of Crossroads Area Capture the Flag is for players to ‘capture’ the flags of other participating groups and/or meetings by attending those meetings and initiating a capture attempt (as described in the rules).

  • Actual play will begin on a specific date and end on a specific date.

  • One individual will volunteer to serve as the Coordinator for a given game of Crossroads Area Capture the Flag. You may call this individual at any time during the course of a given game (see above) in order to ascertain details of flag location or to report a successful capture.    Pattie B. or Bobby P.

  • Groups or meetings that participate in a given game of Crossroads Area Capture the Flag earn points for successfully capturing the flags currently in play. At the end of a game, these points will be tallied, a ‘winner’ will be declared, and a ‘prize’ of some sort will be awarded. $50 of literature will be given to the winning home group by the activities committee. (This will come out of the activities committees budget)

  • Only home groups members of a group can be considered as part of a capturing group. Non home group members cannot be recruited to assist in a capture.

The Rules of the Game

In games, rules are necessary to adjudicate potential conflicts that may arise during play. All games have rules and Crossroads Area Capture the Flag is no exception.

Joining the Fun

In order to join a game of Crossroads Area Capture the Flag, a given group or meeting need only make a decision to participate. A local area group or meeting can join the fun at any time during the designated actual play period simply by sending three or more home group members to another group and initiating a capture attempt. Or two home group members initiating capture from a group that currently has only two home group members, the rules are the same as the other home groups. HONESTY is a MUST!!!!!! If dishonesty occurs and the group is only playing with two members but has more home group members it could result in subtracting points. 

Come Early, Stay Late

In order to capture the flag currently possessed by another group, each group of visiting home group members who intends to do so should CLEARLY announce their intent during the “ANNOUNCEMENTS ” section of the meeting that hey are attending ( doing so will prevent the meeting from being disrupted in an inappropriate manner) if a home group for some reason dose not do announcements until the end or forgets to do announcements, a member from the home group that is capturing the flag must let the chairperson know at the very beginning of the meeting. in a undisruptive manner. The beginning of the meeting will start when the chairperson announces their name and starts the meeting For example,” My name is_______ and I’m an addict. Welcome to ________ meeting of Narcotics Anonymous. My we open this meeting with the serenity prayer”

 If visiting home group members from another group or meeting announce their intent to capture a flag and there are no other visiting home group members in attendance at the meeting, the capture attempt is considered unopposed and is immediately successful. In such instances, the group who captures the flag is immediately awarded custody of such trophies and transports them back to their own meeting space. NO HIDING FLAGS!!!!! in order to keep a flag. Flags must be displayed at all meetings if captured!!!!

 If visiting home group members from another group or meeting announce their intent to capture a flag and there are other visiting home group members who have similar goals in attendance at the meeting, then capture attempts are considered to be opposed. In such instances, the group with the home group member with the LEAST amount of clean time will capture the flag. Only ONE flag capture is allowed per visit, regardless of how many members the visiting home group brings to capture a flag. You do not get to capture two flags because you brought six home group members!—You have a better chance of capturing a flag because you may have the person with the LEAST amount of clean time. But that is not a guarantee.

Regardless of how the outcome of a given capture attempt is resolved, a successful capture attempt must be reported by phone or text, call to voicemail within 24 hours.       Bobby P.–910-884-6468         Pattie B. 919-753-8494

Fly Your Flag High

Should your group successfully initiate a capture and gain temporary custody of a flag (or flags), you must prominently display such trophies during your own meetings. This announces the presence of a flag (or flags) to visiting home group members of other groups, thus giving them an opportunity to capture them. Between meetings, all flags must be stored on site at the meeting location (though they can be secured in trunks or the like).

Earning Points

Each time that home groups members of a group or meeting successfully capture a flag, the group or meeting that they represent earns a standard number of points (see below). Such point rewards will be tracked over time by the Coordinators.

Coordinators: Pattie B. and Bobby P.

Pattie B. 919-753-8494

Bobby P. 910-884-6468

Dates of play: April 14, 2018 – until March Area meeting in 2019

Capture flags are worth 1 (one) point

Most importantly, Just Have Fun!!!